Academy Curriculum

Our Growing Comprehensive Library Of Beginner To Advanced Level Courses:

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The 8 Pillars of our
Starseeded Mystery School:



Subtle Sensory Perception Training

✦ Sharpening our intuitive, energetic & psychic senses and abilities
✦ Perceive higher dimension frequencies and information
✦  Access healing abilities, heal trauma, lightbody and access past life memories
 Gain confidence and trust in our perception & guidance we receive

Ego Training

Cultivate qualities & virtues of mastery and maturity in the Earth Ego personality

✦  Practice Devotion to Self-cultivation with guidance

Gain confidence, ease, and happiness through patience, courage, humility, and Service to Creation mindset

Lucidity Training

✦ Seeing the world Lucidly through a scientific, enlightened, and multidimensional lens
✦  Embody Your Truth of Angel walking the Earth
✦  Letting go of false matrix addictions, patterns and amnesia for real
✦  Learn relevant aspects of galactic history and ET influence on human civilization

Creator Leadership Training

✦  T
ransform the World in Action through applying Source Creation Mechanics in your Life and Business
✦  Land the knowledge and teachings in your Body through homework,  daily practices & mindset training
✦  Ground your Gnosis of Divine Love to share with the World through Service

Daily Life Support

✦  Lightbody of the MotherShip stabilized in 15D Source Field, holding you in Source Connection

✦  Large library of practical and proven techniques for your Daily Practice
✦ Holographic curriculum path designed to activate and awaken indigo-starseed-grail line DNA

Knowledge Support

Information, data, science, and background story to give you clarity, confirmation & confidence

Comprehensive teachings transmitted through divine love & integrated original Gnosis
✦  Supporting you in fully understanding the mission at hand in all dimensions

Healing Support

✦  Full spectrum self-healing courses, address all
dimensions of healing 
✦ Study Bio-regenesis, clearing implants, trauma, entities & seals, & Krystic DNA Activation
✦  Live weekly oracle healing ceremonies & transmissions
✦ Access to world-class ESA-trained healers and facilitators

Community Support

✦  Global Family of awake, motivated & empowered lovers, movers, shakers & divine co-creators

✦  Co-ordinated Planetary Gridwork, template upgrading and Activations
✦  Access epic community forum, and app to connect & foster Unity, Creativity, Common Vision & Mission
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Large Variety of Live Calls
& Encyclopedic Recordings Library

(100+ Videos!)


Monthly Day-Long
Medicine Containers

✦  Spend one day every month with the Star Fam receiving relevant upgrades and intel inside a
Live MotherShip Container

Question & Answer

✦  Ask your questions live with to Xi, receive direct Oracle guidance/coaching
✦  Enjoy the fascinating questions posted by star family & other participants

Oracle Healing Ceremonies

✦  Themed Oracle Healing ceremonies designed to reconnect you to Source, Self & Angelic-Galactic Support
✦  Offer a space of safety and beauty for you to Heal & Remember

Planetary Gridwork Ceremonies

✦  Set on specific heliocentric, galactic, astrological, and societal alignments, we bring our Star Family together to weave and bring in new coding for Gaia & the lightbody template of Humanity


✦  Oracle Transmissions from the Galactics on ego, lucidity, psychic ability, and mastery trainings 
✦  Live meditations and practices to engage the act of Training in unison


✦  Every month ESA brings you workshops expanding on the comprehensive Curriculum
✦  Relevant topics to our planetary ascension & suggestions made by You!
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