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Serving the next Generation of the Starseed Mission on Earth


True Avatar Embodiment School Held In Krystal Heart Temple Architecture


Helping God's Angels Remember
Our Mission & Prophecy

Starseed Activation, Advanced Training For Healers & Creation Mastery


The EarthStar Academy is an Avatar Training &
Mission Support system for Angels on Earth:
Providing Healing, Training, and Activation for Lightworkers, Indigos, and Starseeds.
Discover Your Mission, Activate Your DNA, Embody your Highest Self, Receive Galactic Shamanism Training, and Master your Divine Creation Energy… 
A Soul Family Homebase to our Community of Titans,
A Nexus of Co-Creation For Our Planetary Mission,

Fulfilling God’s Intent of Heaven on Earth!



Our Full Spectrum Curriculum
Star Being Training System


What Our Members Are Saying...

The Full-Spectrum Star Being Training Center

Resources for every stage and facet of our Angelic Starseed Mission on Earth

Subtle Sensory
Perception Training

✦  Sharpening our intuitive, energetic & psychic abilities
✦  Perceive higher dimension frequencies and information
✦  Access healing abilities, heal trauma, and access past life memories
✦  Gain confidence and trust in our perception & guidance

Earth Self Cultivation
Ego Training

✦  Cultivate qualities & virtues of mastery and maturity in the
Earth Ego personality
✦  Negative Ego Healing & Repair
✦  Practice Devotion to Self-cultivation with guidance
✦  Gain confidence, ease, and happiness through patience, courage, humility, and Service to Creation mindset

Soul Remembrance & Lucidity Training

✦  Seeing the world Lucidly through a multidimensional lens
✦  Embody Your Truth of Angel walking the Earth
✦  Letting go of false matrix addictions, patterns, and amnesia for real
✦  Learn relevant galactic history and ET influence on human civilization

Creator Embodiment Leadership Training

✦  Transform the World in Right Action Aligned to Source Creation
✦  Ascension Mechanics in your Life and Business
✦  Land the knowledge through homework, daily practices & mindset training
✦  Ground your Gnosis of Divine Love to share with the World through Service

Full-Spectrum Curriculum

Holographic DNA Activation Process

Weekly Live QnA, Healings, Workshops & Trainings

+ Encyclopedia Live Call Recordings Library of 100+ healings, workshops & more!

MotherShip Community

A place to connect with Soul Family


1-on-1 Sessions & Support

World Class ESA Trained Facilitators

Realtime Insider Planetary Gridwork Ceremonies & Updates

Monthly Prayer & Gridwork Ceremonies

Downloadable Support Files

Be Held & Supported Every Step of the Way!

Daily Life Support

✦  Lightbody of the MotherShip stabilized in 15D Source Field, holding you in Source Connection
✦  Large library of practical and proven techniques for your Daily Practice

Knowledge Support

✦  Holographic curriculum path designed to activate and awaken indigo-starseed-grail line DNA
✦  Supporting you in fully understanding the mission at hand in all dimensions

Healing Support

✦  Live weekly oracle healing ceremonies & transmissions
✦ Access to world-class ESA-trained healers and facilitators
✦  Massive library of pre-recorded Healing Ceremonies

Community Support

✦  Global Family of Co-creators
✦  Co-ordinated Planetary Gridwork & Activations
✦  Access epic community forum, and app to connect & foster Unity, Creativity, Common Vision & Mission

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Your Starseed Mission Soul Power-up Center ~ True Ascension & Creation Mystery Teachings
Experience Life-Changing Breakthroughs & Celebrate Life with Star Family

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What Our Students Are Saying...

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Meet Your Mentor

Welcome Starling! I'm Xi Earthstar Healer, 
I founded the EarthStar Academy (ESA) as guided to support God's Angels on Earth: the Starseeds, Indigos, Dreamweavers & Lightworkers. Together we are on a Mission to Return God's Love to the Heart of All of Humanity.

Many starseeds are confused about discovering their mission, and stepping powerfully into their Soul's Highest Prophecy. Through my decade of extensive training with God and my Angelic-Galactic Team,  ESA was birthed to Help Starseeds Awaken on Every Level......

A little more about me:

I'm a descendant of a Daoist Emerald Dragon Family, an original Grail Line seeding of the Emerald Order.  My lineage was initiated by Holy Mother Sophia to be keepers of Her Emerald Dragon Scrolls: the Knowledge of Creation.

I am in Service to our United Dream as an Oracle for Living Creation, our Angelic-Galactic Support Teams, my ascended Daoist ancestors and the Wisdom Scrolls of Original Creation Sciences. 

Through the arts of prayer, oracle transmission, singing, writing and multi-dimensional energy work, I am supporting humanity in reclaiming our Infinite Creativity through the Healing of our Multidimensional Lightbody & Creation Sexuality. 

Inside ESA, I will teach you how to access your  higher consciousness, walk in Union with God, heal yourself on all levels, and lead a Miracle Filled Life of Divine Purpose!

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