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Starseed Activation,   Training For Healers & Creation Mastery


The EarthStar Academy is a Comprehensive Star Being Training & Support system for Angels on Earth:
Providing Healing, Training, and Activation for Lightworkers, Indigos, and Starseeds.
Discover Your Mission, Activate Your DNA, Embody your Highest Self, Receive Galactic Shamanism Training, and Master your Divine Creation Energy… 
Homebase to our Community of Titans,
A Nexus of Co-Creation For Our Planetary Mission,

Fulfilling God’s Intent of Heaven on Earth!



Xi EarthStar

is the founder of EarhStar Academy.
She is an Oracle and Template Holder for the Original Creation and its Mysteries. 


Through the arts of oracle transmission, singing, writing, and multi-dimensional energy work, Xi supports our mission of restoring all dimensionalities of Creation back into Divine Coherence, thus Creating Heaven on Earth.

The Full-Spectrum Star Being Training Center

Resources for every stage and facet of our Krysted Starseed Mission on Earth

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"This course is absolutely life changing in more ways than I ever expected. The power, knowledge, organization, love and mastery is mind-blowing. Xi has my absolute support and gratitude!"
"Xi’s work has absolutely changed my life and finally I feel I have the tools to truly work on myself, grow and blossom into the being I'm meant to be!  She has sparked a knowing within me that I am enough and that I have all the wisdom and power within to heal myself and be able to guide and support myself on my mission. I'm finally falling in love with my Self, opening up to all my potential."
"This course is loaded with divine knowledge and guidance that has been some of the best, real information, I have ever received about healing, ascension, divine energy and how to embody it."
"The MotherShip is an incredible experience! I feel rebirthed into a new version of me, and I am confident I have received many many tools that can help me continue this work. I have received so much, some of which I have not fully unpacked yet. Also the ceremonies are just so incredible and deep, I experience significant shifts just in a few hours! I am so grateful for this incredible space and the support!"
"This is a truly life changing container. I have met so many like minded folks and the community is awesome!  I feel like I finally found my people and Home!  Each class has something new to learn, and so out of the box, but so on point."
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"Xi’s teachings are so much more than I could have expected.
They have transformed my consciousness in such a short span of time and helped me understand energetics in a way I hadn’t even heard of before, like it’s all clicking together!  I needed major grounding and it’s helped a lot with that."
"ESA has completely changed me. It's actually difficult to express how much it has impacted my life and it feels like just the beginning. The self positivity work, the triggers and parts work is absolutely changing who I am.  I am on the path to embodying my higher self with clear guidelines of how to get there!  I can't thank you enough. I am excited for life now."
"This course has helped me orient myself to my true nature, and to embodying the gift of being a sovereign co-creator being. Self Mastery, self healing and opening to my multi-dimensional self are the base of this wide angle perspective allowing me patience with my continually unfolding journey."
"This course was everything I needed when I didn't even know what I needed myself. I was trying to find things to help myself for so long, and now I feel like I found the knowledge that truly supports me, to support myself. I am so grateful that Xi has this clarity to impart to others the steps for *true* healing that I have never found anywhere else... it is really based from the heart, and feels like genius."
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