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   the Womb

& Activating the Original Mother Goddess Frequency


   the Womb

& Activating the Original Mother Goddess Frequency

A 9 week Guided Journeying & Medicine Container for Woman to find her Power of Infinite Creativity.
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Sovereignty of the Word beings with Sovereignty of the Womb...
This 9 week experience is a mystery level medicine container with Xi and Cara, taking us into the deepest layers of Womb Sovereignty work.  With a focus on physical somatic trauma psycho-spiritual bondage from sexual abuse, this foundational healing work serves as a portal into the Highest Levels of Creation Magic, and to magnetizing your thriving business, mission & relationships!  
The whole experience is designed as a "walk-in" process of your own higher self, into a Woman bodied Creator of this Earth, whose powers and magic have been persecuted for a millennia.  We focus on "cleaning and restoring the vessel" as the wisdom and power of your own Higher Self is inherent and we only need to make space to allow it to Embody.
We dive deep into trauma and societal mind control programs, like scarcity, fear, defeminization, disassociation, numbness, the pain-pleasure reversals, sexual-emotional misery programs, patriarchy programs, and more - to clear them from our multidimensional anatomy.  This level of deep work is the only path to True Liberation from the false matrix enslavement system for all of humanity.

We'll learn ancient Daoist principals of "creation tantra" or Creation Magic, and access how our divine innocent creator vessels were intended to interact with reality as the Source of Creation - this high level creator training enables your ability to Create Massive Abundance in Ease, Enjoyment and Pleasure as you were intended to, for the Healing of this World.
In this container, you will experience profound multi-dimensional, cross-lifetime and intergenerational healing, and acquire an integrated coherent lucid understanding of our Life and Mission on Earth and the forces at play - to emerge confident, comfortable and empowered in our vessel, to Create businesses, projects and Realities in Pleasure which our Beings are meant to Birth!

Week 1 ~ Temple Initiation

Webinar 1: Opening Ceremony & Initiating Medicine Space
We begin our journey together by discussing the role of the Starseed, the processes of starseed activation,
the multi-dimensional realities of Earth, humanity's enslavement throughout history, the cosmic and
magical reasons behind the degradation of Women, and how the reclamation of and embodiment of the 
Original Divine Mother Goddess Frequency 
is the Cure.

Ceremony 1: Sister Circle

A guided shamanic journey supported by oracle sound healing, to meet our Higher Self and benevolent
galactic and elemental guides / aspects of Self.  We'll create a strong activation of the Soul Star and
strengthen and clear the channel between the soul-star and the crown.  We'll visit our own higher self Oracle,
and peak into
the 'future' to experience our embodied, whole and empowered Self.

Week 2 - 5 ~ Healing Sexual Trauma & Programming

Webinar 2: Somatic Sexual Healing

Awakening our psychic abilities to see beyond the mundane is crucial to our awakening, as much of the

mind-control and evil magic which controlled humanity can only be seen and sensed through our
HSP (higher sense perceptions.)  We learn Advanced Lightwork (Xi's healing modality) techniques and

gain access to multi-dimensional aspects of our self for healing and re-integration (current & past life.)

Ceremony 2: Cervical & Somatic Trauma Release Ceremony

Growing up in the false matrix, we experienced many oppressing belief systems which shut down our
innate psychic capabilities.  In this shamanic journey we travel to meet our lively and magical inner children
who are deeply in tune with our individuality and magical abilities.  We coronate them as our Guide, and

allow them to take us on a Journey to discover and reclaim our own Magic and Authentic Expression.

Webinar 3: Psychic & Energetic Sexual Healing

Transmission from Hathor.  Anatomically similar, the throat and vagina are both parts of the body which allow matter to enter and exit the body.  Spiritually, they are the moist temples held deep inside us which oscillates
into Reality our deepest desires, dreams and Creations.  There has been a war on controlling through trauma
and pain the sacred Stargate of the Woman's Cervix which holds much more power than commonly understood...

Ceremony 3: Inner Children & Soul Fragment Retrieval

We focus on distortions in our sense of self, going far into the archetypal distortions, and also common self degrading misbeliefs surrounding worthiness, value, purpose, identity. 

Webinar 4: Ancestral & Cross-Lifetime Sexual Healing

A deep dive into dissecting the Original Mother Goddess Frequency, and the distorted dark mother programs which is a trauma based cross-generational mind control technology created to destroy the original mother frequencies of Earth.  We talk about how the original frequency allow us to manifest our best reality (projects, family relationships, abundance) through re-aligning with Nature and her organic creational power.

Ceremony 4: Clearing Sacrifice, Martyrdom, and Control - The Dark Mother

This ceremony connects us into the various hormone systems of our Body, restoring imbalances and offering
loving support to their restoration from chemical warfare.  We'll be addressing Mother-related wounds, clearing

geometries in the multi-dimensional body blocking balanced Giving and Receiving and experiencing Unconditional Love.  We'll also be exploring and clearing generational and past-life curses, vows, agreements an oaths.

Webinar 5: Multidimensional Implications of Patriarchy

Moving deeper into our exploration of profound distortions in our society and religious programming, re-aligning to the Solar aspects of the Female, life-giving, radiant, nourishing, infinite.  The moon reflects the light of the Sun, does Woman merely receive and reflect the light of the Man?  This is a distortion held deep in our subconscious.  It perpetuates patriarchy, and branches into several fallen "serpent" mystery cults of priestess-hood.  We restore these distortions through a deep study of Taoist universal concepts and metaphysical anatomy.

Ceremony 5: The Organic Root System & Correcting Reversal Currents

Pulling our tendrils, roots and lines of dependent energy out of the artificial matrix, and growing them back into the Dirt, the Earth, the Organic Root System of inter-dependence, cooperation and collaboration.  We also explore the presence of reversal currents in our energy system, and learn to correct them through self pleasure ceremonies.

Week 6 ~ Creational Stargates: The Larynx & the Cervix

Webinar: Creational Stargates: The Larynx & the Cervix

Transmission from Hathor.  Anatomically similar, the throat and vagina are both parts of the body which allow matter to enter and exit the body.  Spiritually, they are the moist temples held deep inside us which oscillatesinto Reality our deepest desires, dreams and Creations.  There has been a war on controlling through traumaand pain the sacred Stargate of the Woman's Cervix which holds much more power than commonly understood...

Ceremony: Making Room, Preparing the Greenhouse

In this journey we focus on healing any residual geometries of sex-related programming and trauma, beliefs and patterns, as well clearing of previous partners and clarifying and updating cords of birth-giving to children and projects.  We're essentially taking inventory of where our Creative energy is going, and becoming conscious and intentional in the avenues we allow our Life-Giving Cosmic Source energy to flow.

Week 7 ~ Alchemizing Fear & Scarcity into Pleasure & Ecstatic Creativity & Pleasure

Webinar 7: Alchemizing Fear & Scarcity into Pleasure & Ecstatic Creativity & Pleasure

Partly focussing on the concept of "Reality Programming", dissecting non-resonant ancestral, cultural and foundational belief systems and patterns of life.  We talk about how life, energy, business and money all function differently in a higher vibrational reality, and how subconscious conflicting belief systems and energy patterns are often the root of lack of abundance and success in curating "soul mission" businesses.

Ceremony 7: Soul Voicing

In this journey we learn to reprogram the Logarithm, viscerally reprogramming the vibration and quality of the fabric of Reality (predominantly coded in the Root chakra dimensions of our metaphysical anatomy.)  Learning to release false programs of lack and fear, and restoring the non-existent or judgemental "god" into the organic matrix of unconditional love, infinite creativity and co-creative support and benevolence.

Week 8 ~ Divine Creation Magic

Webinar 8: the Organic Root System

Through working with the essence of Cosmic Life Force Energy Abundant in all of Life - we recognize that we've been deceived by the artificial matrix of the true "Source" of our Life Force, provoking us to live in fear and scarcity.  In this journey we connect metaphysically and vibrationally to the True Source of Life, the Organic Root System of Gaia - to gain connection to an infinite spring of energy and inspiration, leading to True Abundance.
Ceremony: Connecting to the Organic Root System

Pulling our tendrils, roots and lines of dependent energy out of the artificial matrix, and growing them back into the Dirt, the Earth, the Organic Root System of inter-dependence, cooperation and collaboration

Week 9 ~ Temple Completion

Webinar: Finances & Business in the New Earth Reality Pt.2

Working with the Earthstar chakra as a portal into the network of mycelium-like psychic web which connects all consciousness on Earth through the leyline system, to finding the "goldilocks" zone between "my greatest pleasure" and "being of Service on Mission" so "work" is experienced as absolutely joy.  Diving into the Mechanics of Creation of our metaphysical anatomy and the Dan Tians, and the seasons of gestation.

Ceremony: A Journey to Where We're Going

Shifting our awareness into the collective consciousness, using metaphysical energy awareness to calculate where our gifts and unique interests, passions and energy system can best be of service to the collective reaping the most Love and Joy in self and other.  Discovering the cohesive creative mechanism of our Dan Tians.  Cultivating an "egg" and/or planting a seed of Creation into our womb garden.

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Heroine's Journey

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~ Access to all 18 recorded Webinars

and Ceremonies

~ 10 Bonus Workshops & Ceremonies

~ Weekly Assignments

~ 22 page Womb Healing Guide PDF

~ Downloadable Package of Self Healing Guided meditations & Tools


This medicine container and Xi's teachings have the ability to completely transform someone's life. I've been around awhile so I have been working on myself for 41 years using many modalities. Having said that I was more than impressed with Xi's knowledge and loving wisdom and the tools she gave us. She has this natural ability to guide with such pure loving transparent integrity. I felt so held and safe in the space with Xi.  I have so many new tools, feel more grounded in my body, and trust myself on a much deeper level because of this course.  Healing occurred on all levels.

A very safe and potent container, filled with so much unconditional love, transmissions, activations, clearings. Xi’s ability to tap into the collective field of the group is phenomenal.  She holds us safe and strong while weaving the healing energy through the field.  It is like being in a sacred ceremony.

This course was exactly what I needed to reconnect with my creative energy and move forward in creating my future. I had been stuck, due to a history of PTSD, and this course was a major influence on me being able to move forward with more ease and grace. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to learn but also to heal on exactly the level you and your body requires to move forward with creating from your divine creator self.

I had been searching for a shamanic healing course and this course did that and sooo much more. I don’t usually like ‘spiritual groups’ so I expected to not like some parts, 

but that actually never happened!

Xi is a genuine healer who imparts her grounded wisdom in a practical way.  This course taught me how to get to the heart of challenges and remedy them.  I am revitalized and enjoying such cosmic harmony now.  This medicine container brought in so much light and life into the power of my humanness, my sacred power of being in a body and faith in humanity.  Absolutely brilliant!

This was a deep and profound circle of awakening and healing that could not have been done without a consistently powerful container and presence as created, nurtured, loved, and guided by Xi.  I have never experienced anything like it in terms of non-verbal transmissions and energetics.  It was a huge journey which gave me so much greater compassion and reverence for the preciousness of life.  This led to greater commitment to a shared sense of purpose and mission.

I was able to open and clear the lower chakras through self awareness and understanding of how creation energy works within our energetic body. Massive healing and shifts happened in these areas - Huge!!!  Connection with the throat to the cervix... so revealing, so pivotal.  After this course, my emotions, ability to manifest, sense of self all came into balance and peace.

I went in with no expectations but I was surprised at how I was finally able to really open my throat chakra!  It was one of the most profound experiences and releases I have ever had. To be within an amazing community and finally being able to openly share our true selves and the sacredness of our bodies so intimately was a gift beyond words.

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This is the most transformative course I have ever done.  If you are ready to dive into your shadow/night self and come out the other side a divine creator being, seriously - Xi is your guide!

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