I am so excited to present to you my very first literary baby, I Am Starseed!

An autobiographical account of my adventures in my Mystery School of Life during my first 7 years awakening as a Starseeded geneticist from Andromeda.

This book is a preface to my upcoming self-healing + activation manual Advanced Lightwork: Medicine for the Great Sickness, as a fun way to share with my community the multidimensionality of our starseed mission on Earth through the perspective of a galactic anthropologist. 


These adventures are what showed me the truth about our multi-faceted mission on Earth, DNA and mind control manipulation propagated by the 'cabal' and 'illuminati', and the necessity for healing for all of humanity.  


All of these fascinating topics are discussed and shown via my experiences of working with ancient pleiadian timeline technology, taking my galactic vision into the false matrix, the galactic aspects of plant medicine, interacting with Sasquatch, fairies and interdimensional ETs, and reading records kept in ancient ruins of incredible civilizations past...