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Hello all! I am an elemental sirian/pleiadian starseed here to help and protect the vulnerable (humans, animals, water, plants, spirit, etc) . I have a higher self on Sirius b as a merwoman who cares for the aquatic life up there, a vet if you will lol. I also have a higher self in the arcturian high council, among a couple other things.

Besides all this, after learning past lives and understanding my current one a little more, I know I am here to learn how to interact with herbs and use them as a healing source for myself and others.

I have been interacting with spirit since I was a child, and interacted a lot with nature until the matrix took over, and started interacting with beings from other dimensions, as well as deities, and nature again, within the last couple of years. I passed away when I was 12 and was brought back by spirit, and for all these years what I've been trying to determine the reason behind, I'm finally starting to see more of that purpose. I had begun to think I had already lived out my purpose by protecting my brothers, but it seems life is not done with me yet! I greatly look forward to be learning from earthstar. She's guided me a long way and I can't wait to be a part of her class.