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Hello, I am Bobbi, from Vancouver BC, was living in Toronto, and now travelling Mexico, to take in the sun and avoid lockdowns. I have two grown sons, who I raised very consciously, I am currently in relationship with a lovely man named Dwain. I’m hoping he takes in the beauty of this work with me, let’s see how it goes. I am a healer, singer, and health educator in the neutracuitical Industry. I love to sing, play ball hockey, laugh, hike in nature, being by the ocean, and most importantly, I love being myself. I am very desirous to heal a frozen shoulder that I’ve had for about 7 months now. It’s kind of taken me off my center, and I’m finding my way to my joy in each moment as I traverse the illusion of pain that I’m in constantly. I was born a very light child and still very much am. I live for the moments where I can be of service to humanity and make people smile. I find myself waking up as many sleeping dragons as I can...with 💕 love.