I had a dream one morning camping on Mt. Shasta in the summer of 2017 where I was taken to the Angelic realms.  Surrounded by Angels, Source communicated to me that embedded in these songs and frequencies are Codes which activate Source DNA and help us Remember our True Home: Our Sacred Divinity Within.
Over time more frequencies and songs came through embedded with Codes of the New Earth Living Libraries, Fairy, Mermaid & Mystical realms, myriad Angelic and Galactic star families as well as that which bring Delight and Joy to the Inner Child.  These are my joyful offerings to the ever Immaculate Creation of our Earth and HumanKind.  May All Remember the Beauty that Thrives within us All.
These sound bytes can be thought of similar to Homeopathic remedies, listened to many times at regular intervals is akin to taking a "dose" of Sound Healing Medicine.  Allow these frequencies to saturate and nourish your body, rejuvenate your cellular structure and up-lift your Spirit :)
My first sound healing album dedicated to the Sacred Innocence within us all Soothing Lullbies for Inner Starlings is available in its entirely on YouTube for free!
You can purchase the HD original tracks for download here: