Galactic Shamanism


Galactic Shamanism


A 13 month medicine container for deep inner healing, awakening,

higher self embodiment, and galactic shamanism training.

Nov. 2020 ~ Dec. 2021

Monthly payments of $89 for 13 months



Have you been called to the Healer role?
Have you resonated with the term Shaman?
Are you looking for a training program that both suits your Starseed Accelerated Learning Style and 

also provides a wide spectrum of applicable knowledge and skills?


This container is calling forth a Specific 144 Carriers to co-create inside of a Planetary Activation Chamber - meaning the alchemy of your healing and activation will be directly pulsing the Collective awake, making this a planetary gridwork opportunity as well.  


This very intensive shamanic training includes studies in complete systems of trauma healing, ancestral healing, multi-dimensional perception, galactic and spirit communication, ancient angelic and Taoist teachings on the mechanics of Creation and Alchemy, the starseed mission, activation of sovereign creativity...

As an embodied starseed, I’m sharing this information from an elevated, new paradigm perspective.  

It is a direct psychic transmission from my Shamanic Library of Integrated Skills & Activations.


Organized in 39 webinars, broken down into 4 sections
Moving through the activation of 64 codes, in 13 months.

Each week's transmission is 90 minutes, Q&A at the end of each month.

See below for full curriculum!

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Shamanism refers to the practice of connecting to other dimensional planes and beings for purposes of healing, protection, acquiring

information and spiritual evolution via psychic and astral abilities.  Traditional Indigenous lineages of shamanism often originate from the teachings of Star people.  As a Starseed, I access my skills from previous lifetimes practicing Shamanism, and connect to the original, pure stream of knowledge from which nature magic originate.

My unique EarthStar healing style incorporates many traditional healing techniques such as medicine singing, energy work, journeying and soul retrieval.  Yet because my starseeded soul has spent many life times studying light-field mechanics, creation magic, and galactic genetics, my work is supported by light technologies and accesses dimensions of reality beyond traditional styles of healing.

All of this allow me to specialize in working with starseeded beings to access their own galactic and elemental lineages, as well as targeted beings with severe military or abduction trauma, dream-time issues, trauma connected to galactic wars and ritual abuse, and life-times connected to Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and other ancient civilizations.  This level of healing allow us to actually access and embody higher dimensional aspects of self in a grounded and peaceful way.

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These webinars are weekly, with a Q&A session at the end of each month.
All webinars are activated with spontaneous Oracle Sound Healing Transmissions.

A. Section 1: Through the Underworld - Dialogue with the Earth Self

We start with a deep exploration of our karmic, ancestral, and inner terrain - and their healing.  

Through our own direct experience of deep and profound healing, we work and learn several simple 

yet powerful modalities to assist others in healing.


Webinar 0 - Opening Ceremony (#1Self-Leadership)

Webinar 1 - The Healing / Healed Healer (#2Wholeness, #3Acceptance)

Webinar 2 - Spirit-Qi-Body synchronization (#4Multidimensional, #5EnergyBodies)

Webinar 3 - Creation & Sexuality (#6Reverence, #7Devotion)

Q&A 1

Webinar 4 - Emotions & Trauma Healing (#8Self-Compassion)

Webinar 5 - Liberating Planetary Enslavement (#9Forgiveness)

Webinar 6 - Artificial Matrix Deprogramming (#10Discernment, #11Grace)

Q&A 2

Webinar 7 - Basis of Alchemy (#12Ascension, #13Alchemy, #14Wisdom)

Webinar 8 - Ancestral Healing (#15Unconditional-Love, #16Quantum)

Webinar 9 - Karmic Clearing (#17Empowerment, #18Clarity)

Q&A 3

Webinar 10 - The Importance of Integration (#19Presence, #20Peace)

Webinar 11 - Soul Fragmentation + Inner Children (#21Joy, 22Maturity, #23Foundation)

Webinar 12 - Lower Astral Realms  (#24Gnosis, #25Self)

Q&A 4


B. Section 2: The Super-Ordinary Holographic Reality

Taking out the trash is the quickest way towards full access of our Higher Sense Perceptions - 

our capabilities to communicate with the living matrix and all its individualization of expression (animals, trees, clouds, soil, sun, etc) - We explore the main differences between the artificial, and Living matrix - and our return into the organic.

Webinar 13 - Spring Cleaning - Detoxification (heavy metals, phlegm and viruses)

Webinar 14 - Water Consciousness (#26Life)

Webinar 15 - Body Intelligence Consciousness (#27Innocence, #28Steadiness)

Q&A 5

Webinar 16 - Divine Creational Tantra (#29Oneness, #30TrueSexuality)

Webinar 17 - Creative Sexual Energy & the Heart (#31Purity, #32Union)

webinar 18 -  The Organic Gaian Matrix (#33Aliveness, #34Guardian)

Webinar 19 - The Dreaming (#35Miracle, #36Realms)

Q&A 6

Webinar 20 - Shapeshifting & Animal Spirit Helpers (#37Strength, #38Magic)

Webinar 21 - Elemental Power & Helpers (#39Aspects, #40Curiosity)

Webinar 22 - Altar Magic (#41Focus, #42Intention)

Q&A 7 -


C. Section 3: Celestial Fractals, Expanded Consciousness

Exploring the Upper World, celestial realms and frequencies, where we find our helpers and higher aspects of our own soul's essence.  Learning to travel, and embody the higher physics of healing.

Webinar 23 - Shamanic Journeying (#43Astral)

Webinar 24 - Our Galactic Team & Spirit Helpers (#44Helpers)

Webinar 25 - The Higher Self Walk-in (#45Soul, #46Download)

Webinar 26 - The Sun & Stargates (#47Portal)

Q&A 8

Webinar 27 - Cultivating Refinement (#46Respect, #47Humbleness, #48Softness) 

Webinar 28 - Cultivating True Power (#46Respect, #47Humbleness, #48Softness) 

Webinar 29 - Channeling & Working with Entheogenic Plants (#49Allies)

Q&A 9 

Webinar 30 - Creative Frequencies for Healing (#50Imagination, #51Intuition)

Webinar 31 - Sound Frequencies for Healing (#52Resonance, #53Harmony)

Webinar 32 - Inner Earth & Sasquatch Allies (#54Family, #55Receptivity)

Webinar 33 - Conduit for Life, Agent of Heaven (#56Dignity)

Q&A 10


D. Section 4: Shamanism Philosophy

Supportive transmissions for deeper exploration into Galactic Shamanism

Webinar 34 - An Evolutionary Perspective (Mysticism & Superstition vs. Creation) (#57Evolution)

Webinar 35 - The Ecological Mind (Systems, Cooperation, Networks) (#58Synarchy)

Webinar 36 - The Science of Incarnation (Genetics) (#59Science, #60Aliveness)

Q&A 11

Webinar 37 - Importance of Creativity in Healing (#61Freedom, #62Flexibility)

Webinar 38 - Initiation Through Self-Leadership (#63Integrity)

Webinar 39 - Embracing the Unknown (#64Fearlessness)

Q&A 12 + Presence Ceremony

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This medicine container and Xi's teachings have the ability to completely transform someone's life. I've been around awhile so I have been working on myself for 41 years using many modalities. Having said that I was more than impressed with Xi's knowledge and loving wisdom and the tools she gave us. She has this natural ability to guide with such pure loving transparent integrity. I felt so held and safe in the space with Xi.  I have so many new tools, feel more grounded in my body, and trust myself on a much deeper level because of this course.  Healing occurred on all levels.

A very safe and potent container, filled with so much unconditional love, transmissions, activations, clearings. Xi’s ability to tap into the collective field of the group is phenomenal.  She holds us safe and strong while weaving the healing energy through the field.  It is like being in a sacred ceremony.

This course was exactly what I needed to reconnect with my creative energy and move forward in creating my future. I had been stuck, due to a history of PTSD, and this course was a major influence on me being able to move forward with more ease and grace. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to learn but also to heal on exactly the level you and your body requires to move forward with creating from your divine creator self.

I had been searching for a shamanic healing course and this course did that and sooo much more. I don’t usually like ‘spiritual groups’ so I expected to not like some parts, 

but that actually never happened!

Xi is a genuine healer who imparts her grounded wisdom in a practical way.  This course taught me how to get to the heart of challenges and remedy them.  I am revitalized and enjoying such cosmic harmony now.  This medicine container brought in so much light and life into the power of my humanness, my sacred power of being in a body and faith in humanity.  Absolutely brilliant!

This was a deep and profound circle of awakening and healing that could not have been done without a consistently powerful container and presence as created, nurtured, loved, and guided by Xi.  I have never experienced anything like it in terms of non-verbal transmissions and energetics.  It was a huge journey which gave me so much greater compassion and reverence for the preciousness of life.  This led to greater commitment to a shared sense of purpose and mission.

I was able to open and clear the lower chakras through self awareness and understanding of how creation energy works within our energetic body. Massive healing and shifts happened in these areas - Huge!!!  Connection with the throat to the cervix... so revealing, so pivotal.  After this course, my emotions, ability to manifest, sense of self all came into balance and peace.

I went in with no expectations but I was surprised at how I was finally able to really open my throat chakra!  It was one of the most profound experiences and releases I have ever had. To be within an amazing community and finally being able to openly share our true selves and the sacredness of our bodies so intimately was a gift beyond words.

Tropical Bird

This is the most transformative course I have ever done.  If you are ready to dive into your shadow/night self and come out the other side a divine creator being, seriously - Xi is your guide!

Illustrated Jaguar