Advanced Lightwork

Advanced Lightwork

11:11 Immersion Retreat

11:11 Immersion Retreat

A 6 day 5 night all inclusive Grid-work & Multi-Dimensional Energy Work Intensive over the 11/11/19 gateway with Xi Earthstar Healer & Team, at a stunning high desert New Mexico Wolf Sanctuary retreat centre.


Retreat Includes:

    ~ Immersion into the life and energy field of Xi, her star

        family and stargate for a total frequency shift

    ~ Daily morning practice routine

        (of our favourite Yoga, Qi Gong, breathwork and

          meditation vibe-raising & boogie clearing exercises)

    ~ 7 info-packed seminars on topics such as:

          - multi-dimensional psychic energy work

          - gridwork, astral work & gatekeeping

          - connecting to Source for guidance and healing

          - galactic shamanic healing & ceremony

          - sacred sexuality for healing & ascension

    ~ Oracular Healing Ceremonies

    ~ Field trip to a Stargate for gridwork experience

    ~ Commune with Wolf energy, the Teacher of Humanity

    ~ Skywatch Experience

    ~ 2 full meals per day + snacks

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Flower Garland 1

The alchemical environment of this retreat harnesses and integrates the energy of the 11/11 portal.  Every aspect of the space is intended to shift us into a higher frequency, and provide the tools to maintain and continue to accelerate your own New Earth timeline after the retreat.

Retreat Details

Retreat Details

Activate      •      Align      •      Embody      •      Integrate

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Our Human Consciousness and Creativity is incredibly vast and powerful.

The Reclamation of our Consciousness and Creativity restores Sovereignty to

Humanity and all the natural living systems of the Earth.

Advanced Psychic LightWork invites lightworkers to uplevel our Higher Sense Perceptions,

Psychic capabilities and confidence in Consciousness Navigation in oneness with the Living Source.

Becoming active participants in the Liberation of Humanity

from the multi-dimensional binds of the false matrix.

The workshops of this retreat are new paradigm living transmissions of ancient star knowledge, Initiating us into Remembering our Divine multi-dimensionality, and our true empowerment as Creator Beings.

Quantum Consciousness is the basis of all mystical and shamanic lineages on Earth. These workshops will guide us towards living a mystical life of Mastery in Co-creation with the Magic of the Elements.

The retreat centre is located in one of the biggest wolf sanctuaries in the country, loving us with the wise, majestic and familial energy of the Wolf, which ancient people described as the Teacher of Humanity.

We will also be visiting a nearby sacred site, a resplendent gateway scintillating

higher octave ascension and galactivation codes.

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Retreat Itinerary 

Retreat Itinerary

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Thursday November 7     ::    3:00pm      Shuttle Pick-up from ABQ Airport

                                         ::    6:00pm      Dinner ~ Welcome & Orientation 

                                         ::    8:00pm      Sound Healing & Yin Yoga Ceremony


Friday November 8           ::    8:00am     Optional Breakfast

                                         ::     9:00am     Morning Practice + Workshop # 1 
                                                                (Intro to Advanced Lightwork & Galactic Shamanism)

                                         :: 12:30pm       Lunch

                                         ::   1:30pm       Visit the Wolves

                                         ::   4:00pm       Magic Forest Adventures w/ Jayse

                                         ::   6:00pm       Dinner

                                         ::   8:00pm       Workshop # 2 (working with the etheric light body)


Saturday November 9      ::   8:00am       Optional Breakfast

                                         ::   9:00am       Morning Practice + Workshop # 3 With Alexis

                                                                    (Connecting to Source fo guidance & healing)

                                         :: 12:30pm       Lunch Break

                                         ::   2:00pm       Workshop # 4

                                                                    (Connecting with Multi-Dimensional helpers and guides,                                                                           healing frequencies & brainwave states)

                                         ::   6:00pm       Dinner

                                         ::   8:00pm       Evening Ceremony / Skywatch


Sunday November 10      ::   8:00am       Optional Breakfast

                                         ::   9:00am       Morning Practice + Workshop # 5
(Psychic Surgery: removing implants, entities, occupants

                                                                       & miasma, restoring genetic, soul & cellular degradation)

                                         :: 12:30pm       Lunch Break

                                         ::   2:00pm       Workshop # 6

                                                                    (Artificial Intelligence & Organic Gaian Consciousness,                                                                              Nature Magic, Creation Magic, Sacred Sexuality)

                                         ::   6:00pm       Dinner

                                         ::   8:00pm       Breathwork & Sound Healing Ceremony



Monday November 11      ::  8:00am        Optional Fruit & Morning Jing

                                         ::  9:00am        Morning Practice + Workshop # 7

                                                                    (Personal & Planetary Gridwork: Earth-grid systems                                                                                   & human collective consciousness systems)

                                         :: 12:00pm       Lunch Break

                                         ::   1:00pm       Grid-work Excursion to Sacred Site El Morro

                                         ::   6:00pm       Dinner

                                         ::   8:00pm       Breathwork & Sound Healing Ceremony

Tuesday November 12     ::  9:00am        Morning Practice & Closing Ceremony

                                         ::12:00pm        Lunch

                                         ::  2:00pm        Shuttle to ABQ Airport / AirBnb

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Watercolor Butterfly 2
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