EarthStar Academy Team

Xi EarthStar

Oracle / Galactic Shaman

Xi Earthstar Healer is the Visionary of the EarthStar Sanctuary.  She is an Oracle for evolutionary angelic consciousness through the arts of oracular singing, writing, and galactic shamanism. She believes that reclaiming our Infinite Creativity through the Healing of our Sexuality is the way to building Heaven on Earth. EarthStar Healer is an Organic Source Intelligent light & sound technology that restores distorted DNA and geometry in the Multi-Dimensional light-field we perceive as Reality. Xi teaches others to access our higher consciousness and psychic capabilities to heal and embody complete energetic sovereignty, and move into a Life of Purpose.

Shane Blondin

Quantum Hypnosis Healer

Shane is a trained Galactic Shamanism practitioner through the EarthStar Academy, and resident bio-architect of the EarthStar Sanctuary. Shane’s many lifetimes as a master code keeper and healer lends to his unique modality of Quantum Hypnotic Journeying sessions.


Shane works with Xi in the angelic-galactic realms, together assisting Starseeds in their awakening and embodiment journey. As a master code keeper, Shane holds a library of genetic keys which support Starseeds and Lightworkers in remembering and activating their own unique capabilities of healing and galactivation.

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Sarang Umarji

Gaia Whisperer / Nada Yogi

Sarang’s soul path is that of Prithvi Sadhana, the Yogic Devotion to Nature.  Working directly in the regeneration and activation of Mother Earth is where he finds himself in Bliss and he loves to help others do the same.


Sarang is a Gaia whisperer (aka farmer) at the Earthstar Sanctuary where he grows food and medicine as an offering to the land and nourishes the community. What we can give to the planet right now is immense and so are the gifts we unlock on that path.

Nature magic flows through Sarang's body and spirit, through his love of the land, yogic lifestyle, husbandry with mother Earth and ancestral wisdom - through this Sarang supports Humanity's return to purity and planetary reciprocity.